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Things Just Got Really Interesting…

So, in the morning after the Aussie pre-mature session, a new crop of hostelites came into the City Backpackers. As I looked around the common room, I was the veteran. Only one person was recognizable and she was a British girl that came in the day after me. Everyone else was a newbie, or Asian.

My mornings usually consist of checking email and whatnot and mapping out a plan for what to do, and then I venture out around 11 am local time and see what the Stockholm world shows me.

Today was decidedly different.

Since I started sleeping at 5 am, I wasn’t waking up at 8 am and lounging. I woke up because of the sun at 9:30 am and promptly took a shower because I smelled of smoke and Heineken. Beer shits shortly after the shower and I’m good to go. Then hit the common room. As mentioned, the Aussies were long gone. I think they just stayed up after coitus and left to go to Berlin (I believe).

Now, just like what happened to me when I came in, you can’t check-in before 2 pm. So I’m sitting there, with the British girl, and there are a handful of people meandering in and out. No big deal. Then about 10:20 am SHE walks in.

And you know it is a big deal when SHE is capitalized.

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