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[Anti]social Experiment

Throughout my travels, I’ve noticed two recurring themes: justification and addiction.

Or more tersely, an unbridled need to be important. Which 99.9% of people aren’t… let’s be honest.

It is almost comical to travel around the world and see a lot of the same stuff you would see in the United States, but still uniquely foreign. It’s like when John Travolta went on that strangely coherent diatribe about things being the same in Europe, with just some little differences, to Samuel L. in Pulp Fiction.

For those that forget the scene — indulge:

Now, again, I’m not a drug cartel so I really have no clue about what is possible in the US regarding weed. Mainly because I don’t “have glaucoma”. But Travolta’s take (and Tarantino’s verbiage) about McDonald’s is 100% dead on balls accurate.

But even the slight differences have similarities…

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