Stockholm Syndrome

"Bork. Bork. Bork."

I’m on my way to Merry Ol’. The trip is winding down… almost back to reality.

Adjö vackra blondiner.

The sad part is that Stockholm wasn’t very conducive to seeing the town. I learned a hard lesson while here, Stockholm simply isn’t a place to be in late October — and probably November, December, January, February and March.

You see, I barely saw the city and I was here almost the longest of any city. Aside from my first day trekking across the terrain, it has poured cold rain every single day (so sightseeing wasn’t really happening). The only day that was worthwhile was the day that Vika (Ukraine girl) came in and we could go out to lunch and whatnot.

Since then it has been an all hostel affair. Which is fine — I mean it is a nice place, I had a private room and, well, things went smoothly. But I really am leaving a bit empty inside. I tried to convince Vika to leave with me to go to London, and that she could stay with me, but she’s never been to Stockholm and, well, it is a gorgeous place, and the weather is supposed to be much better this weekend. Besides, we will continue to stay in touch and maybe I’ll get her to the States one day. Plus, it gives me incentive to go back to Kiev and filter in Odessa as well.

But I see the allure of Stockholm. I see its potential. But, for five days, it was a rainy, pissy mess. And that sucks. I wish return, but it’ll be in the Summer, when I can take full advantage of all of its pleasantries.

Late Fall is simply not a time to be in Stockholm: its cold and its wet, and its just plain scared.

But yes, the blondes flow in bunches, and are crazy about American boys. Just do yourself a favor and wait out the rain and the cold and visit when the bikinis are in full bloom. I’d consider Stockholm again in May-June. I think that could be the magic time where tourists still aren’t invading but the weather is decidedly better.

Because, they are out there… they are just covered up right now………………………

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