Daryna To Have Sex with Me

My hostel is a pleasant surprise. It’s literally sprawled out in front of a football stadium (the view from my window is the massive structure)… and, well, the hostel owner/checker-inner/whatever girl is kinda sexy. And I’m in the private room right next to the check-in room.

Her name is Daryna (Dare-in-ya) and she was a gymnasta… all 4 ft. 3 of hera. She answered the door and basically just came up to my waista.

Cute little thing… loves Facebook too.


One thought on “Daryna To Have Sex with Me

  1. […] I guess it got under his babushka a bit. It needs to be noted that the post he read/responded to was the shortest post I had written, but it was something that really got his knickers in a twist. But not before reading it 11 times. […]

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