Shameless Plug: The Immigrant

Veveří 486/57, 602 00 Veveří, Czech Republic

An absolutely pivotal stop for any English-speaking American, Briton or Irish Ex-pat.

The truth is, Dottie…

“I’m a loner, a rebel.”

But after traversing throughout portions of the Eastern bloc and conforming to the ways of life of others, I just want to go to a place where I can sit back, relax and sink my teeth into some good food, a few draughts, some English-speaking women and song.

And when traveling through Brno, I defy you to find a place that can deliver this better than The Immigrant Pub on Veveří.

Pipped as an ex-pats sanctuary in the middle of the hidden gem of Europe (Brno), the Immigrant describes itself as: (per the facebook page)

The Immigrant was opened in March 2010, aiming at both English speaking foreigners living in Brno and young Czech professionals, creating a blend of acceptance & cooperation between resident and visiting expats and the local community that’s hard to find anywhere else in the city.

Uniting teachers with students, employers with job seekers, flat owners with tenants and singles of both genders, bringing together cultures that would otherwise never occur. All of this combined creates a unique atmosphere that is difficult to find nowadays.

After one year of opening we extended the bar to a second floor and we now cater to both smoker and non smokers.

The burgers are proper and cooked to order and the beer flows like a beautiful stream of perfection. I met a particularly interesting person of interest there on my first afternoon in Brno — one that I’ll talk about in a later post — but somehow got lost trying to find it at night by myself.

And its a PIANO BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just makes me think of the Dueling Piano Bar on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas — my favorite place ever. I think it is physically impossible not to have fun at a piano bar. It’s alcohol, karaoke, happy tunes and, in some rare cases, an American Idol/X-factor moment.

So yeah, the lyrics are interpreted a bit differently by the Irish… but who cares!, look at how much fun they’re having. And the crowd is a hilarious mix of old and young, and everybody is speaking English. Even cute Czech girls from the local universities just trying to up their English (its a beautiful thing).

Plus — and this is huge for me… it is the only bar that is non-smoking in Brno (although the second floor does allow for it). If I went to Masaryk University — I’d be in this place every night.

In fact, I’m heading there again in about 30 minutes — just to say goodbye one last time before spending the rest of the night with the aforementioned person of interest.

To learn more about The Immigrant —

It also has a facebook page —

You’ll be glad you made the trip — reasonable too!

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