Nectar of the Gods?

be jealous... very, very jealous

Oh. My. God.

If there are two things I love on the Food Pyramid more than any other two things, it would be Granny Smith Apples and Water. Neither of which are listed on the food pyramid by name, because, well — the food pyramid is fucking stupid.

Basically you should eat what you want… and just lay low on the fast food, alcohol and sweets, and you’ll live a nice and healthy life.

But today, while meandering around Brno (a lovely little town, by the way), I found the holy grail — green apple water. Now this might sound disgusting, and I never really thought that I’d be a reproduced green apple fan — but I take this gem because of that one time at the Cuckoo Clock (Dairy Delite by Middletown A.A.) when I had sour apple gelati. And my world was flipped upside down.

Now I love Granny Smith Apples (GSA) in general. I love the tartness, the sour kick and the fact that, without fail, I can eat one and my digestive system is clean and clear. Boom goes the dynamite.

And despite that TMI — I can say, emphatically, that if I had to eat one thing in conjunction with every meal — the GSA would be it.

So it has always surprised me that — in the States — the apple has been kicked to the curb by the likes of peach, strawberry, lemon, lime, mandarin oranges, etc. when flavoring water. I have to think that there is more of a market than just me that would drink this shit up.

But when I saw the horizons pointing to the Japonica Apfel Leicht & Still at the little grocery store by the train station… I about creamed myself.

I ran to the register, paid my bounty and then just pounded that bad boy to the ground. All 1.5 liters of it. And just as I suspected, it was unbridled perfection.

And for 15 Kc ($0.82) — it’s the best. Deal. Ever.

[It has been brought to my attention that Costco has apple-flavored water and so I must apologize — I wasn’t aware of that — because, well, I don’t have to shop at Costco because I’m not poor.]

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