I’ve Officially Seen it All

I’m told I have an unhealthy fascination with bodily functions. Crappin’, pissin’, fartin’, sneezin’, cummin’, goin’… whatevs. Basically if you can in’ it… I’m innit. Because, well, lets be honest — our bodies are pretty damn fascinating. And we can do things with them to complete shock and awe others.

But it is the mind that really truly impresses the hell out of me. And whomever was mindful enough to think this badboy up has my utmost respect. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: modesty.

And since nobody would grant me my request of snapping a shot while I use the facilities, I had to find a snap a shot of another lad pissing the day away. He didn’t seem to mind. “I’m Dutch, we public pee all the time.”

I’ve officially seen it all. And couldn’t help but think that every ballpark in America could stand to have several of these on its concourses. I think I’m going to take the patent and just go with it. Think of the space savings…

And note the short balding blue man group member on the commodinals. This is a sausage fest event. No chicks, all dicks. There aren’t even glory holes in this public restroom. It’s straight down to business.

Sorry about your luck, Mount Holyoke College, circa 1900-1920. No women’s suffrage here. Oppression. Know your role.

Well Heineken IS piss beer after all...

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