A Call for Arms

I'm pointing to a gay.

Audience Participation!

I’m doing a scavenger hunt of sorts — actually I’m going to play out several over my stint in Europe — and I need your assistance.

Since I kind of think it is funny to seek out awkward things, I want to go find the weirdest shit (people, places, things to do, etc.) and I need some creative direction from outsiders.

Therefore, I’m asking you, the audience, to assist.

Feel free to put in the Facebook comments, or in comments section of this post, things that you want me to seek out. I have two ideas in mind about how I’m going to structure this — but I need your help for it to succeed.

You can provide as many suggestions as you deem fit — and this is an open-ended request so then can come in at any time. I am going to take the Top 100 (in my estimation) and try to do them.

Now here’s how it’ll work — you are going to designate two separate categories: 1. people or persons you want me to seek out/hang out or hook up with and 2. miscellaneous musings about basically everything else you’d like me to see/do.

Be as creative, endearing or as vile as you want.

I am going to Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and the United Kingdom… so those are your stipulations (requesting me to meet up with a survivor of Hiroshima probably won’t happen — but I’ll try!)

Go ahead, minions. Make me go WTF in only the manner that you can do. Go Team.


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